Lady Gaga Breaks 10 Million Twitter Followers [PHOTOS]
Lady Gaga achieved a major milestone over the weekend, passing the 10 million follower count on Twitter. Gaga is the first to reach the 10 million mark on the social networking site.
Mashable reported that the pop star was also the first person to reach 10 million fans on Facebook...
Gottfried Fired Over Tasteless Tweets
The iconic voice of Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice of the Aflac duck after Gilbert rattled off what he thought were hilarious tweets poking fun at the events of Japan's current disaster. Aflac is a major insurer in Japan, a fact that Gilbert apparently was unaware of previously. Gilbe…
Charlie Sheen’s On Twitter 600,000 And Rising
Things just can't get any worse for Charlie Sheen. It's reported his kids are now being taken away; temporary or long term we can't say but you can hear it all straight from Sheen through his new twitter account that has gained over 600,000 followers in less than 10 hours!