Amazing Before/After Satelite Images Of Japans Landscape
With the use of Google Maps' extremely powerful satelite imaging, ABC was able to make a comparison of the landscape and architecture before and after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan on Friday. It really puts it into perspective showing just how powerful the wave was to completely remove homes …
Worries Mount, Food Runs Short For Japanese Victims
Basically no good news for those who were displaced by the earthquakes, tsunamis, and radiation leakage that has devastated Japan.  But efforts to help those who are left with out home, food, or water are continuing.  Keeping informed about what is happening will show us the best way that …
Tsunami To Hit West Coast
The first waves from the Japanese
tsunami have reached the U.S. mainland along the Oregon coast.
Authorities in parts of California, Oregon and Washington state
have been urging coastal residents to move to higher ground. Waves
up to 7 feet high have been hitting Hawaii...