Carlos Pena of Big Time Rush Gets New Tattoo
New tattoo alert! Carlos Pena of boy band Big Time Rush has gotten a pretty sweet new tattoo.
He tweeted a photo of his spiffy new ink, which was etched onto his ribs, known for being an incredibly sensitive (read: painful) spot on the bod when it comes to getting tatts.
See Kesha’s New Lip Tattoo
Kesha is the resident bad-girl-gone-badder of pop music. Yeah, Rihanna, we said it. That rebel (and animal lover) Kesha showed off her general badassness by getting a brand new tattoo.
See Creepy Man With 15 Miley Cyrus Tattoos
Oh boy. We understand what it’s like to be a fan of a celebrity — heck, we’d walk from Montana to California if it meant getting to meet Britney Spears or Adam Levine, but this is a little excessive. There’s a man out there who voluntarily g…
Tattoo Artist Reacts to Drake’s Threats
Surely you remember the foresight-lacking fan who got Drake‘s name emblazoned across her forehead. When Drake heard the news, he was flattered by the fan — and ticked off by the tattooer. The artist, Kevin Campbell, is reacting to Drizzy’s not-so-nice words via — wh…
We’ve Been Tricked By The Facebook Tattoo Girl!
Turns out, the girl who claimed to have a tattoo of 152 friends faces onto her arm was just pulling a fast one on us. The tattoo was merely a transfer as the ink can be washed away after a few days. The video of her receiving the tattoo even made it on CNN...
Woman Tattoos 152 Friends’ Pictures on Body [VIDEO]
A Netherlands woman has taken her friendship -- and social media -- to a whole new level after she tattooed 152 of her Facebook friends onto her arm.
The tattoos cover her entire right arm, from armpit to wrist, and have since been dubbed by the woman as both her "MySpace wall" and …

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