It’s a Scarecrow. Nope, It’s a ZOMBIE!
This is horrible but I can't stop laughing at their reactions! Innocent people are getting photos with a happy scarecrow but then he pulls off his head and is a zombie! The people freak! It's not just adults, he's doing it to kids, too. They will have nightmares for months!
Epic Pee Prank On Police Is Just In Time For April Fools Day [VIDEO]
April Fools Day, while not a national holiday, is the only day of the year you can get away with faking your own death, tricking your friend into thinking he won the lottery and any other hilarious debauchery that provokes laughter. What will you be doing this year to your closest friends and family…
Monkeying Around With NFL Prospects Prank (VID)
The prospects at this week’s NFL combine in Indianapolis, Indiana were told that a gorilla had escaped from the local zoo.
This didn’t actually happen, and instead was a set up for a classic prank in which a man in gorilla suit emerged from behind the trees as the prospects were doing a set of dril…