new kiss music

New KISS Music – Justin Bieber, J-Lo, Flo Rida, Cash Out
2 KISS staples and a track that is sure to be in your head for the rest of the day get added this week.  JB is happy as long as you love him, J-Lo and Flo Rida are Goin In, and Cash Out is Cashin Out.  Check out the songs below.  What do you think...
New KISS Music – Maroon 5 With Wiz Khalifa
This week's new music was interesting.  Maroon 5 with Wiz Khalifa comes out of nowhere with "PayPhone".  Rihanna asks Where Have You Been? Jason Mraz won't give up and a Drake sound similar has a drank in his cup.  Check out the songs and videos here!
New Song Adds To Rotation – 4/4/12 [Music Videos]
A bunch of new stuff this week.  Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull "Dance Again", Taylor Swift "Eyes Open" from the Hunger Games movie.  X Factor 3rd place finisher Chris Rene with "Young Homie".   Wallpaper breaks out with "…