Al Franken SXSW Speach: ‘They’re coming after the Internet’
Al Franken made a speech at the music festival SXSW about how big corporations are not happy about how the internet has leveled the playing field and gives everyone the same opportunities. But how big corporations like Comcast is trying to change things to give the corps the upper hand.
New Year’s Eve Events Via The Bozone
Southwest Montana is poised to ring in 2011 tonight. Whether you're looking to catch a little rodeo action, a Bobcat basketball game, or live music and good cheer, here are some suggestions to help ring in the new year.
Gifts For Men And/Or General Good Timers: Jambox Portable Speakers
I love tech stuff but to be honest I don't have many but this is something that would come in wicked handy and also take care of a huge gap in the music listening experience these days.  Good quality sound of music.  Too often we listen to music through the laptop speakers and this is…