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Twitter Was Just Too Much for Megan Fox
Twitter, like the 'Transformers' franchise, was just way too much for Megan Fox to handle.
The outspoken pinup left the microblogging site after barely a week of rocking the coveted blue check mark. We know: Writing 140 characters or less is like, really hard, you guys.
Megan Fox Ditches Vegan Diet Because It Made Her Too Skinny
You can call Megan Fox the anti-Bill Clinton.
While the former president recently raved about the positive effects a vegan diet had on his health, the 25-year old actress went in the completely opposite direction during  a recent interview with Amica magazine when she blamed going vegan for maki…
Megan Fox Shows She Doesn’t Have Botox
It's apparently been said that Megan Fox has used Botox to keep herself looking young.  Well, she posted some pictures of herself on Facebook showing off facial wrinkles . . . with the caption "THINGS YOU CAN'T DO TO YOUR FACE WHEN YOU HAVE BOTOX".  Check out …

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