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Lil Wayne Wakes Up in Hospital With No Memory of Seizures
Ever since the seizure that took place in March, leading to false reports that he was on his deathbed, the music world and fans have been concerned about rapper Lil Wayne's health. However, Weezy has taken another moment to assure fans that he is on the mend and offer some details about what ha…
Lil Wayne Enters His Sixth Day in the Hospital
Rapper Lil Wayne is going on day six of his time in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai hospital in L.A. after seizures rendered him unconscious last Wednesday, March 13.
Weezy's now on the road to recovery -- this following an overdose of sizzurp that resulted in him reportedly having his stomach pumped three …
Did Lil Wayne Cut Off His Dreadlocks?
Lil Wayne's dreadlocks have become as big a part of his image as his many tattoos. Late last night, Big Boi posted a picture on Instagram of the two celebrating his 38th birthday, which is today, and Weezy's dreads weren't in the image at all.

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