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Justin Bieber Posts New Instagram Photo With Selena Gomez
Further fueling speculation that he and on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez are back together, Justin Bieber posted a photo of the two on Instagram, which he later deleted. Thankfully, nothing dies on the Interwebs and an astute Belieber screenshotted the image so that it lives on.
Unlikely Justin Bieber Fan? Former Oasis Member Liam Gallagher
Who knew that Oasis' Liam Gallagher would be a Belieber! Turns out he is. The ornery former frontman for the '90s alt rock titans is infamously cranky, as is his brother Noel, with whom he battles rather publicly and often.
But he has a soft spot for The Biebs -- and not because he likes to sing 'Bab…
Justin Bieber Gets Skrillex Hair
They're baaaaaaack!
Justin Bieber's bangs were world famous and once a part of his signature image, look and style. The 'As Long as You Love Me' singer has debuted a new haircut, mixing a classic and familiar style with something somewhat new, at least for him.
Justin Bieber Reveals What He Looks for in a Girlfriend
Beliebers, this is one memo you don't wanna miss! You need to head to your local CVS or Rite Aid and nab some Cherry ChapStick, because "kissable lips" are high on Justin Bieber's list of things he looks for in a girlfriend. But that's not all that's on his chec…

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