Using the Internet Could Affect Your Memory
Seems Internet resources such as search engines could make you less likely to recall information.
So says a new study, anyway, which sought to discover how likely people are to remember something if they knew they could also find it on a computer.
The Google+ Project Takes Aim at Facebook [VIDEO]
After several prior failed attempts to challenge social media behemoth Facebook, Google introduced a new service on Tuesday that it hopes will finally do the trick.
Called the Google+ project, it’s currently only available to a select group of Google users — they’ll soon be able to invite others — an…
Al Franken SXSW Speach: ‘They’re coming after the Internet’
Al Franken made a speech at the music festival SXSW about how big corporations are not happy about how the internet has leveled the playing field and gives everyone the same opportunities. But how big corporations like Comcast is trying to change things to give the corps the upper hand.