Quick & Easy Ideas For Christmas Gifts They Can Use
It’s hard to know what to get people these days. I have a hard time organizing the stuff I have, so I like giving gifts that I hope won’t burden a person with what to do with it. Most of these gifts--when they’re gone, they’re gone.
Best And Worst Presents
Christmas is just around the corner and I can not wait. I definitely do not have all my Christmas shopping done but I have been having fun doing it. As I have been shopping I have been thinking about all the presents I have given and received and I was thinking about what are some of the worst pres…
Holiday Snow Removal
The City of Bozeman Street Department will continue snow removal over the holidays, and is asking for you help. If you are leaving town for the holidays, remember that vehicles, trailers, campers, etc. can can only be left on city streets for a maximum of 48 hours...