Why Are You Not Yet On Google+?
Do you feel a social media overload from time to time? I'm right there with you. With my job being 90% online, I can't avoid social media for more than ten minutes, but every once in a while, social media delivers a gem. This time it came in the form of Astronomy Picture of the Day on Goog…
Using the Internet Could Affect Your Memory
Seems Internet resources such as search engines could make you less likely to recall information.
So says a new study, anyway, which sought to discover how likely people are to remember something if they knew they could also find it on a computer.
Google Working On Mobile Phone As Credit Card Technology
The idea of being able to pay for things by waving my phone at a store seems two sided to me.  Good in that it would be wicked easy and fast to pay for stuff.  But bad due to the fact that I use different cards for different things?  If using my card to much gets me into trouble somet…