Research Proves Size Does Matter When It Comes to Gifts
Spent all your money on one really great gift, but think you should also get a small gift so your loved one has something else to open? Think again. New research shows that a small gift could decrease the value of the more generous one in the eyes of the recipient.
Prince William Asks All Wedding Gifts Be Charitable Donations
The royal wedding won't be asking for any royal gifts but instead royal-charitable donations. The couple wants to use the celebration and generosity of friends and family to help those around the world that really need it. Earthquake victims in New Zealand and scholarships are just a couple of …
Best And Worst Presents
Christmas is just around the corner and I can not wait. I definitely do not have all my Christmas shopping done but I have been having fun doing it. As I have been shopping I have been thinking about all the presents I have given and received and I was thinking about what are some of the worst pres…