Get Ready for Winter Driving in Montana [VIDEO]
Sure, it's September but you and I both know that winter conditions can crop up almost any day of the year. Spend some time in the coming weeks making sure your car or truck is ready because THIS is what it can look like tomorrow...
Driving In Chechnya Sucks [VIDEO]
Traffic sucks anywhere.  But in Chechnya Russia, it REALLY sucks.  Proof is this video straight from the front lines.  2-3 lanes of cars on a tiny road, one car uses an AK-47 instead of a car horn and, when there's a wreck no need to call the cops, just leave the car on the side …
iPod’s Could Be Banned In New Ordinance
iPod's could be banned from being used by drivers that is. The Butte Silver Bow Judiciary Committee is moving forward on a proposed ban of any hand held electronic devices while driving. How many of you agree that hand held electronics use should be banned from a driver?

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