Diet Inspiration: Hot Guys Eating Salads
Inspirational is what we'll call this. I'm on a pretty strict diet and all I can think about are cheeseburgers and pizza (tell me why that isn't diet food, again). #HotGuysEatingSalad inspire me to grab my greens. Eh hem.
The Healthy Meal Maker – Just Push A Button
When it comes to cooking, my brain stops working. Now that I'm trying to eat healthier, I just add that challenge on to my plate. Coming up with the idea for meals is already tough but then add in the whole having to make the meal and it might as well be called rocket science. Until now...
Diet WIN! Kitchen Safe Locks Out Temptation
Most of our problem when we make a New Year's Resolution or even just try to simply change a habit is that it's a...well..habit. We don't really know that we're doing it until we are interrupted in the middle of doing it. Do you reach for something sweet or even spend without thi…
Megan Fox Ditches Vegan Diet Because It Made Her Too Skinny
You can call Megan Fox the anti-Bill Clinton.
While the former president recently raved about the positive effects a vegan diet had on his health, the 25-year old actress went in the completely opposite direction during  a recent interview with Amica magazine when she blamed going vegan for maki…
Is Jennifer Hudson Now a Size Zero?
With the help of Weight Watchers,  singer and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson has gone from plus-size to svelte. But is she a size zero? That’s the question sparking a whole lot of hoopla on the internet right now.