Guy Does A Women’s Rythmic Dancer Routine [Video]
It looks ridiculous.  Yes, some women can do what some guys do.  And some men can do what women do.  But this video is proof that even though a guy CAN do what a woman does, it doesn't mean that he should.  The video is of a guy doing a floor dance routine, similar to what you may have seen in the O…
Best Places To Go Out Dancing In Bozeman – Top 10 Places to Cut A Rug
What is there to do in a mountain town once the sun sets and the ski lifts stop running? I recommend trying out a delicious local restaurant, then enjoying some beverages and finally, dancing the night away. Where does one go if he or she wants to cut a rug? Here is our top 10 list of best places to…
Join The ‘Music On Main’ Flash Mob [VIDEO]
Would you like to be part of what may be Bozeman's biggest flash mob ever? In just over two weeks, Main Street will be the location for over 100 dancers, including you, stepping in time. Learn the steps inside and help make history!
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Car crash from the sky, Hockey coach strips in protest, George Clooney's GF dances.

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