charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen’s Replacement?
Charlie Sheen could be replaced easier than he thinks. Jerry O'Connell is auditioning for the roll of Charlie Harper on 'Two and a Half Men'. Watch his audition tape from Funny or Die and see if he has what it takes to replace the 'Tiger Blooded' Charlie Sheen.
Charlie Sheen Radio Station ‘Tiger Blood Radio’
I believe that 2011 may just be labeled the Charlie Sheen year. SirusXM Satelite radio has announce that starting today they will have a show dedicated to Sheen himself titled 'Tiger Blood Radio'. As a radio station ourselves, we aren't sure exactly what they are hoping to accomplish.…
Alan Harper Is Ellen’s Temp!
Jon Cryer, Two and A Half Men's Alan Harper, has found a new job. It may only be temporary, but it will sure to bring in some laughs and money for the out of work actor as he becomes Ellen Degeneres' temp for a day. Video inside.
Charlie Sheen’s On Twitter 600,000 And Rising
Things just can't get any worse for Charlie Sheen. It's reported his kids are now being taken away; temporary or long term we can't say but you can hear it all straight from Sheen through his new twitter account that has gained over 600,000 followers in less than 10 hours!
Charlie Sheen In The Hospital
The Two and a Half Men star continues to make headlines. This time it's a bit more serious than his wacky antics. Sheen was rushed to the hospital this morning after reportedly having a party at his home last night (via TMZ)