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Florida Woman Hit with Staggering $200,000 Cell Phone Bill
If you think your cell phone bill is high, you haven’t met Celina Aarons.
The Florida woman added a cell phone to her account for her mute and hearing-impaired brother, who didn’t know to turn off his data roaming when he was recently in Canada. Since his only form of communication with the phone is …
iPod’s Could Be Banned In New Ordinance
iPod's could be banned from being used by drivers that is. The Butte Silver Bow Judiciary Committee is moving forward on a proposed ban of any hand held electronic devices while driving. How many of you agree that hand held electronics use should be banned from a driver?
Investors Cheer AT&T-T-Mobile USA Deal
AT&T buys T-Moble for 39 Billion. The investors may cheer, but will consumers be excited?  What do you think of AT&T buying up T-Mobile and Alltel?  Better service for consumers or more hoops and less options?  Hard to tell now maybe but what are your predictions?