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Supreme Court Upholds Obama’s Health Care Law
The Obama administration got an enormous victory on Thursday when the Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the President’s signature achievement: the 2010 health care law.
And in a surprise to many court watchers, it was Chief Justice John Roberts who sided with the more liberal justices…
Tennessee Football Coach Fired For Making Anti Obama Song [VIDEO]
Having been a music director at a country music radio station in Denver in the late 80′s, I would have added this song on our regular play list. Look for this guy to get some good press out of this.
What happened was the Tennessee middle school assistant football coach, age 26, was fired for a…
Did Rick Santorum Almost Call Barack Obama The N-Word? [VIDEO]
Rick Santorum is no stranger to slips of the tongue. A few months ago, Santorum nearly called all welfare recipients 'black' and now he's come one syllable away from using a racial slur to define our current president, Barack Obama. Are these Freudian slips revealing Santorum's inner thoughts? Are t…
Obama Scolds Dude For Heckling [Video]
I've seen him do this sort of thing before, and I think that it takes some guts to let someone have it in front of so many people. He's not rude. Not mean. Just lets the dude know that he needs to let Mr. President talk. What do you think? Is he rude?
Barack Obama’s Spotify 2012 Campaign Playlist
Everything is better with a soundtrack right? On Spotify you can listen to Barack Obama's playlist for 2012 Campaign. I guess he would have countless hours on planes where he would need some great tunes to motivate himself for the next stop. Will the President's music selection sway your v…

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