bad lip reading

Mitt Romney Becomes Hilarious Victim of Bad Lip Reading Yet Again [VIDEO]
I turned the news on yesterday with the hopes of finding out what was going on in the world. While I heard a few facts, mostly I heard opinion driven arguments as anchors and guests fought for their prospective candidate. I think I'll stick to reading the facts online instead of listening to 'news p…
Bad Lip Reading – Rick Santorum [Video]
These never get old.  If you haven't seen Bad Lip Reading before, they take footage of people and put in the words it looks like they are saying.  Best line in this one may be "I borrow meat, to provide for my puddy tat."  Watch it and it'll make more sense…
Bad Lip Reading Strikes Mitt Romney [Video]
Mitt Romney has been on the campaign trail and that is where Bad Lip Reading has gotten him.  Madonna with a Giant, and other great policies Mitt would bring to America if elected...check it out.