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Anderson Cooper Makes Time to Shame Twitter Trolls
What with nearly being exploded by bombs and all, you might think Anderson Cooper is a little too busy with not dying to take trolls to task. But that is simply not the case. Cooper was reporting from Gaza City on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a subject which gets a lot of people up in arms. Unf…
Lady Gaga Interview (VID)
You might have seen Lady Gaga arrive to the Grammy's in an egg this weekend and thought to yourself, "What was she thinking?" Anderson Cooper got an hour to sit down with the international sensation to figure out exactly what is that she is thinking...
Lady Gaga Exclusive Interview
This Sunday, 60 Minutes will show an exclusive interview with Lady Gaga just before the Grammy Awards. She will give a look into her life before fame and what she gets called while in the throws of her bed sheets.