7:06 Remix

Stay With Me, Sam and Mary the 7:06 Remix
Sam Smith, the British singer-songwriter has had some huge collaborations this year, including Disclosure and Mary J. Blige.  His new track, "Stay With Me" is a slow jam.  Very moving.  This week I selected this cut with Mary J. as the 7:06 Remix...
Stay High for the 7:06 Remix
One of my favorite websites for fresh jams is hyepm.com.  A couple of weeks ago at the Coachella music festival, my dear friend Meaghan showed me this gem she found on hype machine.  The Hippie Sabotage Tove Lo Flip Remix of Stay High.  HOLY SMOKES...
A Very HAPPY 7:06 Remix
At the Coachella music festival, my pals and I stopped into the JBL tent to cool down. This remix of Pharrell's "Happy" was playing and we were all instantly dancing!
In the Mood for a 7:06 Remix
The Puppini Sisters are naturals.  Pair them up with DJ Jpod to put a funky twist on the old classic, "In the Mood" and what do you know?  DELICIOUS JAMS! Enjoy- mO