If you saw the roast of Charlie Sheen and caught female comedian Amy Schumer.  She's the cute and VENOMOUS strawberry blonde that cracked a joke that referenced the now deceased Jackass star Ryan Dunn.  Did the joke go too far?

"I truly am, no joke, sorry for the loss of your friend Ryan Dunn.  I know you must have been thinking, 'It could have been me.'  "And I know we were all thinking, 'Why wasn't it?'"

She caught some Twitter heat due to the joke, but she is sticking to her guns saying "If anyone feels offended then they are justified but I don't think it was out of line.  It was not my intention to offend but I stand by my joke.  It's a roast and we're going for the jugular.  It was a joke about Steve-O and not about Ryan.  I hope people understand that."  Watch the video.  Watch it and tell us what do you think?