Not only this is one of my favorite shows but one of my really good friends made it to the final and last audition in Los Angeles.  Season 8 of 'So You Think You Can Dance' is kicking off tomorrow night at 8/7 central. Check out info here !

I am so excited for it and can not believe how far Kevin made it.  Kevin is a friend from high school and  close family friend.  I was with his dad when Kevin called to say he and a friend made it through the first round of So You Think You Can Dance. I didn't think I was hearing it right but so excited. I had to of course get all the juice from Kevin he was pretty calm, cool and collected unlike me. Although, we didnt hear anything for a couple of days the next thing sent was a picture of Kevin and his friend holding up the sign that said they had make it to one of the last rounds of audtions.

If you do not know anything about this show it is a dance show unlike any other dance shows.  Everyone has their own dance style and is based on how they can perform their style but as the competition conitues they are tested to see if they can learn other dance styles, dance with partners and totally change everything they know.  You have ballerina dancers to hip-hop crunkers! I absolutey love it.

So back to Kevin the last call we got was that he made it to the final audtion out of thousands and I mean thousands.  The final audition is the real deal all the big shots are there and that is where they choose who will be on the show.  Kev was cut but he will have some air time not sure brief or not but either way air time tonight on the two hour premiere of  So You Think You Can Dance....check it out!

Love Ya Kevin, your a winner in my eyes...

Oh, I do have one more thing to say, " So Do You Think You Can Dance???"