Re:Generation is a Documentary that I have been excited to see for quite some time now. Its about the recording process of 5 djs: DJ Premiere, Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Mark Ronson, and the Chrystal Method. But not just the average recording process. They were set with the job of fusing music and musicians of a generation ago and making something new. DJ Premiere got Classical, The Chrystal Method got R&B, Pretty Lights got Country, Mark Ronson got Jazz, and Skrillex was matched with rock. The documentary is amazing in that you get to see the idea process grow into a finished product in a way that is rare. I was stoked to find that the whole film is streaming on Hulu! Skrillex and The Doors are my choice for this week's Banger of the Week, but all the songs turned out amazing. Check out the video for "Breakn' a Sweat" as well as the whole Re:Generation movie on Hulu.