New York Post

The Oxford Dictionary word of the year was give to 'selfie', but this selfie-taking-woman definitely won't win woman of the year. Many people are scoffing at her insensitivity by snapping a picture of herself with the a suicidal bridge jumper in the background. But was she actually trying to capture the suicide attempt?

According to the New York Post, onlookers at Brooklyn Bridge Park were witnessing police rescue a bridge jumper on the Brooklyn Bridge. That is when the New York Post noticed a woman turn her back to the scene, raise her iPhone, and snap a selfie of herself and the possible suicide jumper.

But how did they get a photo of the woman taking the selfie? People are claiming the selfie scene is staged. Some are even claiming that the angle she took the selfie at wouldn't include the man on the bridge. Is the New York Post over sensationalizing a misunderstanding?

What do you think? We may have to wait to see the selfie before we ever know.