If you have heard of the Seize the Deal auction and you aren't excited...maybe you're not aware of what's up for grabs. Here are my top 3 items I am most excited about.

  • 1

    Lazer Dash

    New to Bozeman, Lazer Dash is exactly what you think it is...Lazer Tag! I don't care what age you are, you want to go to a lazer tag party. That is what you can bid on. A party for 19 people. DOPE!

  • 2

    3 Hours of Tattooing from The Element

    So far I have 2 tattoos. They were both done by Kim at the Element. She is an amazing artist and specifically an amazing tattoo artist.  There is no way that I can miss this.

  • 3

    5 rounds of 18 holes of golf at Bridger Creek for 4 people w/Cart

    Five 18 hole rounds of golf for four people with a cart included? How do I not bid on this?