Fish Wildlife and Parks of Montana has started a series of meetings to get input from the public on recreation on the Madison River.  The first of 4 meetings was in Ennis yesterday and continues tonight in Bozeman.  If you enjoy floating on the Madison, you need to come to this meeting or take the FWP Questionnaire and show your support.

The FWP website says

We acknowledge the emotion that surrounds this issue on all sides,” said Travis Horton, FWP Region 3 Fisheries Manager. “Therefore, it’s important we emphasize FWP has no preconceived outcome for this plan, and is not catering to any one group. FWP wants the public to tell us how to manage recreation on this popular river, even if that means continuing with the status quo.

People who do not like those who float the river will be there voicing their side of the issue, so if you want to continue to float all summer long, you need to get to the meeting and be heard.

If you cannot attend meeting fill out the survey on the Fish, Wildlife and Parks site HERE.

Meeting info:

6pm-8pm.  Public encouraged to attend.

Bozeman Comfort Inn
1370 North 7th Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715