Yep, it's already been a year since the Rockin R opened up in it's new building.  Seems like a flash doesn't it? Or maybe it's gone by so fast because so many nights have blended together? Whatever the case is, it's a celebration!!! And it's happening this Friday.  Cash giveaways, free stuff, and drink specials to boot.  Details on the happenings Friday for the Rockin R Bar's 1 year Anniversary below.

All day - 9pm: High Country Grill serving up food

4pm-7pm: Chadwick broadcasting live on 96.7 KISS FM.

4pm-7pm: Happy Hour! $5 Martinis and Blended Drinks

6pm - First 100 people in the door get a free T-Shirt

8pm - First Cash Giveaway: $500

8pm-12 Midnight - PARTY

12 Midnight - Second Cash Giveaway: $1000

12 Midnight - 2am - PARTY

Hell yes. Congrats on your first year in your new place Rockin R!!