40-year-old Bradley Turner and his wife Christy were driving down a North Carolina highway earlier this week. That's when a SUV full of teenagers, allegedly, cut Mr. Turner off somehow. Apparently Turner has a bit of a short fuse because after being cut off, he follows the truck of crazy teenagers home. This is where the video starts.

Turner comes out of his van and up to the SUV, calling the driver a punk and throwing a punch. That leads to 2 teens leaping out of the SUV and throwing punches on this guy. Here is where the gun comes in. Turner's wife comes around the car to where her husband is getting the snot beat out of him, and hands him a pistol. The teens run out of there.

It's not seen in the video, but on his way out Turner fires a few rounds into the truck as he drives away. It's reported that a neighboring house was also damaged by gun fire.

Bradley Turner and his wife have been arrested on charges including discharging a weapon into property, going armed to the terror of the people, and two counts of assault by pointing a gun. Christy Turner was charged with two counts of assault by pointing a gun.

To me this is the perfect example of where a gun is a whole lot of unnecessary, but gets pulled out and creates a toxic situation.  I'm sure the guy had every right to be angry with the teenagers, but not controlling those emotions put people in danger, got him beat up, arrested, and embarrassed.