We have been shouting out, for the last 2 weeks, to the hip hop lovers and producers in Bozeman about a rare opportunity.  This Sunday, January 15th, Justus Entertainment and KISS FM are hosting the 4 Elements Of Hip Hop show.  One of the elements being the skill of MC. For this portion of the show Bozeman MCs are asked to write 3 16 bar verses on 3 subjects.  More about that portion of the show in a post coming soon.  But for the MCs to write to, we needed beats.  We asked for Bozeman Producers to submit up to 2 beats per person.  The beats are sent straight to Hip Hop legend Abstract Rude.  Abstract will pick 3 of them for the competition.  Those 3 beats will be sent to Abstract's label Rhymesayers Entertainment for possible use by artists of the label.

Here are the submissions.  Which is your favorite?  BTW, this has no baring on the winning beats, that is strictly up to Mr. Rude.
Tree Knot (Naughty Nah Nah) by Noby One