Today marks the 9th anniversary of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes death.  Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes was a R&B emcee who inspired so many and changed the game in the world of female emcee's. Lisa was a former member of  TLC. The groups first album "Oooh," went platinum followed by their second album "Crazy, Sexy, Cool," which at its time sold over four million copies making them one of the top selling female groups of all time. "Crazy, Sexy, Cool," is one of my all time favorite albums and much of that has to go to the lyrics and verses Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes put down.  She is an idol to me and always will be. Whenever the music video for "Waterfall," came on I would tune out to all things around me and be completely lost in the song.  Every Halloween I wanted to be Lisa from her eye patch to her gangster Nelly strip under her eye.  Lisa to me is the ultimate girl R&B emcee.  She was known for her temper and most remember when she burned down her boyfriends house but it was her music that mattered the most.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes and group members of TLC crossed boundaries and took risks. Their music always spoke to their fans and audience while talking about important issues from safe sex to positive body image.  No group will ever replace TLC and no R&B emcee will ever replace Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes she truly is a one and only.  R.I.P Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.