Rappers are back to battling things out with fists. Rick Ross and Young Jeezy apparently got into it backstage at the BET Awards taping Saturday night. No one is sure about the reason but Ross and Jeezy exchanged words and then started pushing each other before their respective security guards broke it all up. The Game also got into it this weekend at Lil Wayne's Birthday party. Word is a rapper by the name of 211 came to Game talking some smack and Game responded by punching him in the face. Game was thrown out once security got things under control. Watch the TMZ videos below.

This is video of the backstage "browl" between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. Or at least the craziness after the start of the altercation.

The Game Punches 211. You can't really see the punch being thrown but the video shows the breaking up of the fight.