PSY's "Gangnam Style" destroyed all competition this year by becoming the most over played song ever. With the massive success of "Gangnam Style," PSY still isn't satisfied. The South Korean musician is about to release his next single. Is the world ready? And why do people think the possible new single would offend Arabs?

The song title for the song in question spelled out in English is "AssaraVia" but sounds a bit like "assarabia." It is a slang word used in South Korea to express excitement and thrills. It's easy to see the possibility of insult towards an entire nation and ever since PSY got in trouble for his anti-american lyrics, his PR people must be forcing him to be overly cautious with decisions like this. We forgave him the first time, couldn't Arabia forgive him this time?

Fuse is reporting that PSY plans on unleashing his Gangnam Style follow up on April 13th.

[Update] PSY Tweeted that "AssaraVia" will not be his next single. We like thrills and excitement! Why PSY, why?

PSY - Gangnam Style