First, a man in Helena trying to rob a Papa Johns and now this. The pizza industry may be more dangerous than we previously thought! Subway employees only have to worry about customers upset about being shorted an inch of sub, pizza deliverers get held hostage!

Last week in Massachusetts 42-year-old Jonathan Quinlan ordered up some Papa Gino's to be delivered. A 22-year-old female delivery driver, whose name wasn't released, jumped into action to deliver the tastiness. Here's where things go wrong. When she got there, he asked her to come in and put the pizza down. When she was inside, he closed the door and blocked her in.

Allegedly Quinlan tried to get the woman to stay and hang out for awhile. A long while. Quote, "he wanted a wife and to start a family with her." She, somehow wasn't interested, so he offered her $1,000 to stay. She refused so he sweetened the offer to $500 but adding a KISS to the offer and pressing himself up against her. Slick.

She was held for 40 MINUTES before she was able to get away and call the cops. Quinlan is facing several charges, including kidnapping and assault.

All kidding aside, we are thankful she was able to get away and we hope the man gets the help he needs, just like the man who tried to rob the Papa Johns in Helena.

Story via: Framingham Patch