The Montana Beer Festival is tonight and we had a couple of tickets to give away.  What better way to give them away then by testing just how witty the Kiss listeners can be. We gave you the image and you gave us some pretty imaginative answers. See the best submissions inside!

The Winner Is

Even red necks can relate to the good ole' LMFAO song " every day I'm Shovel'in" - Ali R

Runners Up

Hillbilly Roller Coaster. - Jake J

Look Ma! No hands! No feet! Just a shovel to dig the best Beer in the land! - Cinder M

After a few too many beers and a couple pulls of whiskey, Farmer Joe gave up on his attempt to create a scarecrow for his wife's garden. He instead decided to mount himself on a shovel and be the scarecrow. As far as I can tell, very effective... - Jennifer P

Yes, even for a shovel happy farmer, Birkenstocks and socks is still a serious fashion mistake! - Jennifer P

Woohoo the government is providing free viagra!! - Felis N