It's an art juggling social media sites, emails, text messages, chats and real life. Take it from me, it's very easy to make mistakes given these circumstances. But that's why you always double check and remove any mistakes before anyone can grab a screen capture of it! But maybe this incident wasn't an accident...

[Update] Official statement released by MercurySCS

At approximately 2:15 a.m. on Friday, December 7, 2012, an employee of MercuryCSC made a mistake and posted unprofessional personal comments as ”Montana” to the Montana Facebook page.


As soon as the post was discovered, it was removed. However, images of the post were distributed throughout social media and news channels causing confusion and speculation about the source and the nature of the post.

MercuryCSC no longer has administrative rights to the Montana Facebook page, and MercuryCSC is no longer performing social media work for the Montana Office of Tourism.


MercuryCSC accepts responsibility for and is actively working with the Montana Office of Tourism to address the situation.


MercuryCSC regrets this chain of events. We apologize to our client and the state of Montana for this issue.

As it is a personnel matter, we are not able to make additional comments.


The Facebook page in question is the official page for the Montana Office of Tourism.

An employee of Mercury CSC basically posted her job resignation onto the Facebook page which reaches over 150 thousand fans. The post read,

F this job, I just want to live in Whitefish with my family and my future husband. Leaving Bozeman for good tomorrow... Jim [removed] I love you with all my heart and you are not leaving me. Never. Thanks for the good times MercuryCSC!<3"

The post gained over 20 likes and even more comments before the post was removed. The comments were surprisingly not too inflammatory.  Some comments were even supportive of 'Montana' moving to Whitefish. Could that even happen?

Take a look at the Facebook faux pas below.


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