For some reason I find Nicki and Drake to be a tough match.  But I do know the feeling when you find someone you just click with.  Nicki explained their relationship.

The idea of Nicki Minaj and Drake as a couple doesn’t seem so far-fetched now does it?

Nick and Drake sent Twitter into a frenzy when they joked about getting married this past September. A union between the two Young Money siblings may have seemed absurd at the time, but seeing them tie the knot in the Harajuku Barbie’s “Moment 4 Life” video, which premiered last night, begs the question: Could Nicki and Drake truly be more than friends? Ms. Minaj recently explained the dynamic of her and Drizzy Drake’s chemistry.

“That energy’s amazing,” Minaj told MTV’s Rap Fix during an interview with Sway. “Out of everyone I’ve shot a video with, I was the most comfortable with him. I just really have a special place for him. And he just always makes me feel like it’s ok, just chill, relax, jokes. It’s never to the point where I’m like, ‘Ok, I don’t wanna be here anymore, let’s wrap this video up.’”

It turns out the two have grown close over time, but not in a romantic way. Drake’s become more of a confidant.

“Obviously he’s kinda gotten a head start so he’s able to tell me a lot of things that I know and also I’m able to confide in him with things that I’m going through,” she explained. “We’re super, super cool and we have this crazy competition. It’s like a brother and sister competition that you don’t normally get with people. You never kinda have that camaraderie that I have with Wayne and Drake that I feel like, I’ma trying to body you on this track, but I love you to death.”