When I think back to being in college and getting recruited I only wish it could have been as clever and unique as what I watched today. We know that Lady Gaga has definitely made a name for herself and set herself apart in so many ways but it was not until today that I realized what a pop icon she will be. Today I watch the Emerson College perform a Lipdub to some of the best Lady Gaga songs. I cannot lie it had me wanting to go to school there. I thought it was a clever, unique and fun way to show people what the college offers (obviously lots of creativity) but how modern to put something together like this to promote and showcase their school. I loved it and hope y'all will check it out. The video of course is on youtube and it is the Emerson College Lipdus....as my girl Nikki Minaj and Will.i.am would say check it out, check it out!