This week has a full spectrum of new movies.  a twilight stylized Red Riding Hood for the ladies, For the action fans there is Battle: Los Angeles, and for the fam with the kiddies Mars Needs Moms. Watch the trailers inside "read more"

Red Riding Hood

Amanda Seyfried plays a not-so-little Red Riding Hood in a werewolf version of the classic fairytale.  It's directed by Catherine Hardwicke, who did the first "Twilight"Gary Oldman is a werewolf hunter who stirs up suspicion by telling the village that a wolf is living among them.  And when he figures out that the wolf has some kind of connection to Amanda, he decides to sacrifice her as bait.

Battle: Los Angeles

Aaron Eckhart leads a group of Marines in a battle to retake Los Angeles after the rest of the world has fallen to alien invaders.  Ne-Yo and Michelle Rodriguez are also in it.

Mars Needs Moms

An animated Disney flick starring Seth Green as a nine-year-old who stows away on a spaceship to rescue his mom after she's kidnapped by Martians.  Joan Cusack is his mom, and chubby comedian Dan Fogler is an earthman who helps him on Mars.