Bozeman hip hop heads, Rail Jam fans, and party lovers know and love Black Mask and The Chicharones.  The Chichis, consisting of Josh Martinez and Sleep, played the 2010 Chamberlin Rail Jam and a have brought several of their tours to Bozeman.   Black Mask was originally formed here. B.M. now heads it operation out of the Denver area where  Maulskull of Black Mask has produced a staggering amount of music recently (more on that below), one track of which is the new track from the Chicharones called "Burn It Down". Watch the video below.

Although the line up of Black Mask has changed Maulskull has always been the creative force, and he is a workhorse. The new Black Mask album "Us and Them" was released in April.  The "Death by Th33s" is a project that features a different MC on each of the 19, 3 song EPs.  That's...alotta music. And he put it out every Wednesday for 19 weeks. All of it for free!  AND working on projects with artists for their individual albums. One of those is a track called "Burn It Down" by the Chicharones that will be on their forthcoming album "Swine Flu". That album will be available June 19th, but for now check out the visuals for Burn It Down".