From Rumpelstiltskin to Little Red Riding Hood everyone has a favorite fairy tale.  I just had a chance to go check out the new movie Red Riding Hood.  A modern spin off of Little Red Riding Hood. I was extremely excited to see this movie because the style of filming and who doesn't enjoy a good fairy tale?  I left the movie pleased.  It was about what I expected nothing to amazing but neat cinematography and a fun story to get yourself lost in.  I went with a couple guy friends who didn't leave feeling the same way but I recommend it to any one who loves fantasy and has a good imagination.  The movie starred Amanda Seyfried who was fun to watch play Valerie, the real red riding hood.  Red Riding Hood is still in theaters and if you are trying to figure something out to do hit the Gallatin Valley Mall Theater and check it out.

I wanted to bring up going to the movie because fairy tales are a part of everyone's childhood. They are a way for all cultures to share with kids life experiences, not the werewolves and gingerbread houses, but the lessons that these stories come with.  I think it is fun to get lost in a story for a minute and let your imagination run wild.  One of my favorite fairy tales is Rumpelstiltskin.  I always will remember being a little scared of the story but it teaches you about family, loved ones and the value of those relationships you have. I thought it was fun to see Red Riding Hood with a modern feel and I do believe you are never too old for a good fairy tale. With that being said I want to know...What is one of your favorite fairy tales?