Netflix really should have thought about all this before announcing that they would be splitting into two separate websites.

Just 3 weeks after announcing that Netflix would cut it's DVD delivery off of it's service and move it to another website called Qwikster.  On this new website you would need to set up another login, another card charge, and another queue.

This came after a rate hike of nearly double without much warning.  Customers where not happy.  About 1 million subscribers canceled their service because of all this hullabaloo, and Netflix has now decided that maybe this whole thing was a bad idea.  Good thinking Netflix.

With all of this though, it makes me wonder how Nexflix could really have thought that this was a good idea?  And I believe that it's something similar to what we are seeing in Politics right now.  The high ups in both are completely out of touch with the average person, the consumer or voter.  It seems that although we write the check that pays them, they know better than us what is good for us.  Or that what they want to happen, we will follow.

In Netflix's case, they knew that they wanted to concentrate on streaming as the future of their product.  That's fine. I don't see any other way things would go, but making the customer  run around and work more to give Netflix and/or Qwikster money doesn't seem like a solid plan.  Neflix wanted to go the easy route and reformat their business but forgot that they are in the customer service business.  They work for us.  They thought they could run this down to us and we would lap it up and take what they gave us.  Not the case, sorry Netflix.

Netflix heard the consumer because they spoke up with their wallets.  Now how do we get Washington to hear us?