You remember Ben Barnes, don’t you? He played that adorably sexy Prince Caspian in the movie adaption of ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian,’ and then the oh-so-suave hunk in ‘Dorian Gray.’ Now, it looks like he’s becoming a little bit edgier. Of course, that could just be the way he was styled for the latest issue of Hunger magazine.

The British publication caught up with the actor to chat about his work with Robin Williams in the upcoming movie ‘The Wedding.’

He said, “The 
director said, ‘Okay Robin, do your thing.’ I was like, ‘Improv-battle with Robin Williams? Is that what you’re asking? That’s like asking me to box with Mike Tyson. It’s not going to work.”

Watch Ben Barnes’ Interview With HungerTV

Yeah, we know. His interview with Hunger is a bit lengthy. In case you don’t feel like sitting through all six minutes of his video stint with them (although, we highly recommend it), we’ve highlighted the best moments for you below… along with some other sexy shots of him you may remember.