This year was my first ever run in the MSU Undie Run and it was great! There were gold and blue undies everywhere I turned! If you didn't make it out to this year's run I recommend you make it to the next one, but first check our 90 photos of the fun event.

I've never seen so many smiling faces! I would bet that this event causes more students to be simultaneously smiling all at once on campus than any other time of the year. Even if it is only 10 degrees outside.

There were people with Bobcat puppets, smiling onlookers, cowboys not afraid of the snow, and a guy on crutches! I wish I would have brought gloves because my hands were absolutely freezing but the rest of me stayed quite warm.You'll notice how each person is having a blast whether he/she is running, dancing, or spectating.

Here's a bit of my video that wasn't too shaky just before the beginning of the run

Check out 90 photos of the best 'moments' from the run!


And Here is a great video from Lindsay Clien at KBZK