This is what’s happening on MSU’s campus.

Saturday is the, brawl of the wild, Cat-Griz game. Go Cats! Kickoff is at 12:05 pm.

Along with the spirit and excitement of this game is the can the Griz food drive. Every time a student brings in 5 items, that student will be entered in to win a ticket to the Cat-Griz game. All food items go to support the local food bank, and items can be dropped off at the ASMSU office next to the Ask-US desk.

If the cats win . . . When the Cats win their first playoff game will be December 4th in Bozeman. And Campus Entertainment will be throwing a huge concert in the tailgates, more info come later . . .

This Friday at noon is concert featuring Po’Girl in the Leigh Lounge. Suffice to say Po'Girl makes 21st Century roots music, urban roots – never derivative, not faithfully aping a beloved tradition.

Ongoing right now is the “Unknown” exhibit, a painting and sculpture installation by Colleen Fuhringer. Colleen’s unique, suggestive work consists of layers of latex gathered, stretched, and formed into strange textures. The exhibit will be showing that the Exit Gallery from November 15th - 23rd.

Thursday the 18th is the premier of Four Boxes in the procrastinator theater. Four Boxes is an independent film described as a cross between the blair witch project meets you tube. The movie will be playing for the next two weeks, at 9:00pm until Tuesday and at 6:30 the following Thursday through Tuesday.

Also playing this week is Inception at 6:30 in the Procrastinator every day until Tuesday at 6:30 pm.

Thursday at the Procrastinator is Erotique night and Friday is Rook’s Comics and Games night, so come down those nights for some fun games and free prizes. Movies are $2 a show.

Enjoy campus life.