I was listening to some music while walking back to the studio from Cactus Records/Nightlife Fashion the other day and on came a T-Pain/Nine Inch Nails Mash-Up.  Now I'm aware that mash-ups are a bit played out, but when it's a good one it sticks and is pretty epic. Like a music store and fashion outlet or like hot dogs and pizza.  So, naturally I got to thinking, what other Montana things could you put together that would be freaking awesome?  I need your help with finding the best one, but here is what I came up with:

Madison Floating and Big Timber Water slides.  Put into the river, just like always, but half way down there is a water park that shoot you right back into the river.  Some slides you could even ride your tube down so as to not misplace it.  It would be like the Jefferson Cliff, but safer and more awesome.

Jimmy John's Sandwich's and Montana Spirits and Wine.  Jimmy John's has great sandwiches, and they are crazy fast at delivering the sandwiches.  MT Spirits has amazing selection of booze.  A mash-up with JJ and Montana Spirits and Wine means good sandwiches with booze, delivered fast.  That's a 1-2 combo that everyone has wished for at some point.

Bowling at The Bowl and The Clothesline.  Bowling and having a drink while doing laundry? Done.

Cooper Park and The Pooperman.  People do a pretty good job of picking up after their dog, but it's not 100%.  Playing Frisbee or volleyball or whatever at the park with a better chance of not stepping in some poop would be something we would all love.

Bozeman nightlife and Butte's Underground tunnel system. This one is more for the winter when it is dumping snow and cold.  Having a way to get from one place to another without having to worry about the cold would be epic.  Although I'm almost positive that there would be a community of 22 year olds living down there within a month.