This sounds like an amazing place to check out.

Back country skiing is one the biggest and funnest things to do here in Montana during the winter. I have friends who do it everywhere and have an absolute blast doing it. The only problem is that some of the best places to go back country skiing are really hard to get to and it would be nice to have a place to stay. According to Unofficial Networks, who published The Top 10 Backcountry Skiing Huts in North America says that the Bell Lake Yurt in Montana is ranked number four.

From the Bell Lake Yurt's website you can how amazing this place really is. Not only is it in the middle of possibly the best terrain Montana has to offer but you also get professional guides and a top notch place to chill out at night. The Bell Lake Yurt is a place that I could see me and a bunch of my friends getting together for a few days and get away from the world. Check out the Bell Lake Yurt's website for details on how to book a trip.