Michael Lohan, the father of Lindsay Lohan, is known for using his daughter to gain media attention. This time, he showed up at Lindsay's house to have an "intervention" for her. He says she is surrounding herself with drug addicts and alcoholics and needs to get her life straight. He says Lindsay's manager and others on her team are also worried about her and her decisions. The video below is from TMZ and catches Michael on his way off the property.

Here is the hard part. Although Lindsay may not be making good decisions, Michael has a horrible track record for being a good dad. So how can she trust his motives? Also, everyone "on her team" makes money off of her, so they want her working at optimal levels. And Lindsay knows this. So even if her dad and her "team's" hearts are in the right place they may be there for the wrong reasons, or at least they are the wrong reasons from Lindsay's perspective. So how does she trust them? Why would she listen to them? It's a difficult question to answer. We just hope that she gains enough confidence in herself to make decisions to get herself into a place that's good for her.