Michael Jackson's fans come together from around the world to make "Behind The Mask" video.

Launched in March 2011 "The Behind The Mask Project" asked any and all fans to submit videos of them singing, dancing or whatever they wanted to a website.  Not just any website but a new kind of site that gave the visitor all the tools needed to make their video.

Upon entering the site, users selected an action like playing an

instrument, singing a lyric, acting out a crowd reaction or demonstrating a classic MJ dance move.  Then, using the site’s split-screen template, contributors were able to shoot their move right on the website or with their web cam and upload the clip at the precise time it occurred in the video.

Thousands submitted videos from 103 countries in the world. 1,600 clips made it into the video.

Lead by @radical.media and Director Dennis Liu comments, “This has been the most exciting and fun project I think I've ever been involved in. It's been such a privilege, and was incredibly moving to see so many people from all over the world join as one, their creative voices, dance and musical talents bound together by Michael Jackson’s spirit and incomparable artistry.  We received submissions from the Sahara Desert to Venice Beach, from mountaintops to suburban backyards, with some shots featuring well over one hundred people apiece. All who participated delivered brilliantly.”

The video premiered today on Michael's Facebook page where his 35 Million fans got the first look.  It's a pretty sweet idea -